Terms and Conditions – How Important Are They?

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An up to date set of Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services Including Retention of Title are a must in today’s difficult environment.

It’s not enough to have Terms and Conditions printed on your invoices, good practice requires a specific Terms and Condition document which should be issued to each customer prior to goods or services being provided, it will help to safeguard the seller or service provider should payment fail to be made.

As the number of businesses using our service grows ever larger we are able to refer Debt Solve customers to our company lawyer who can offer help and guidance and assist you in the implementation of quality Terms and Conditions applicable to your business at a preferential price.

Don’t get bogged down in legal mumbo jumbo, let the experts do the work while you get on with running your business with the satisfaction of knowing you are protected the best that you can be.

The moral of this story:

Get Protection, You Know It Makes Sense.

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Debt Recovery Tip #2:A fast & effective way to collect bad-debt without having to go to court

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Did you know that if you’re owed more than £750 and the debt is undisputed you already have a very effective weapon up your sleeve – one that does not involve you having to go to the courts?

Issue a Statutory Demand – It’s Fast and Packs a Punch!

You can issue a Statutory Demand and in effect, you can force your debtor to either settle or go bankrupt within 3 weeks.  This method is highly effective if you feel you are getting ‘the run-around’ – especially if you’re confident your debtor has the means to pay you.

Here’s a snapshot of the process

  • If you are owed more than £750.00 and the debt is undisputed the debtor can be issued a Statutory Demand
  • A formal demand is sent to the debtor and it must be set out in a specified format, the format can be found in the insolvency rules.
  • Generally a solicitor will draft the demand and arrange for it to be served on or sent to the debtor; our company lawyers are able to undertake this work for you at a relatively low cost
  • If the debt remains unpaid after 21 days you can petition the court to wind up the company or make an individual bankrupt.
  • The thought of being wound up or made bankrupt often has the desired effect!

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