Debt Prevention is the Best Cure

Debt Prevention is the Best Cure We live in a golden age of access to information, thanks to the internet you can find pretty-much anything you want to know using your computer, tablet, or smart phone. What’s really nice is the ability to find people that can help you achieve your goal. Equipped with the […]

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Dealing with Business Debt Series – Part 3 – Action

Dealing with Debt Series – Part Three: Action As a business owner, the first time a customer fails to pay and you realise you need to take action, it is a scary and worrying time. But it needn’t be. Hopefully you have already put in place the right procedures and communicated these to your customer. […]

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Terms and Conditions – How Important Are They?

Reading Time: 30 Seconds An up to date set of Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services Including Retention of Title are a must in today’s difficult environment. It’s not enough to have Terms and Conditions printed on your invoices, good practice requires a specific Terms and Condition document which should be […]

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Debt Recovery Tip #2:A fast & effective way to collect bad-debt without having to go to court

Did you know that if you’re owed more than £750 and the debt is undisputed you already have a very effective weapon up your sleeve – one that does not involve you having to go to the courts?

Issue a Statutory Demand – It’s Fast and Packs a Punch!…

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Debt Recovery Tip #1:How do I collect what’s owed to me quickly?

Reading Time: 55 Seconds There’s this Guy – he owes you £1,000.  He also owes someone else £1,000. There’s good news though, the £1,000 is paid in full.  Quite quickly and cheaply. Unfortunately, we’re talking about the other debt being settled – not yours.  And now yours is even harder to recover because he’s just […]

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