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There’s this Guy – he owes you £1,000.  He also owes someone else £1,000.

There’s good news though, the £1,000 is paid in full.  Quite quickly and cheaply.

Unfortunately, we’re talking about the other debt being settled – not yours.  And now yours is even harder to recover because he’s just spent all of his money!

There’s a saying in the debt recovery business…

“He who shouts loudest gets paid first!”

I think you’ll agree if you’re at the top of the list or at the front of someone’s mind you’re more likely to be paid first.

It is also important to remember that if someone owes you money they’re likely to owe other people money as well.

Therefore, speed is of the essence when dealing with late payment of monies due.

Take a pro-active approach and collect your money quickly…

The team at Debt Solve believe in taking a proactive approach to collecting your money on time all the time. We build positive ongoing relationships with your clients to ensure YOU are at the top of their list every month and get paid on time.

Taking a proactive approach not only collects your money quickly it also doubles as a client satisfaction service. Discrepancies can be dealt with before payment is due and our one-on-one personal service removes those annoying excuses used to delay payment.

Taking proactive action is also easier and quicker…

A final point.  In this blog, we have started to cover a number of ways how the law can help you.  There are a number of methods the courts use to collect money owed to you as well regulation that helps you pass on the cost of your debt recovery to the debtor.  However, although they’re effective – being ‘first past the post’ is always your best option.

The Moral of the Story

The quicker you pass your debts onto Debt Solve, the quicker you get paid.

Call now us on 01527 543672 for an informal chat, lets see what we can do to help you.

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