Dedicated Debt Collection for the Veterinary Industry

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Collecting ad hoc debts for companies and private individuals

“I would use you to collect some money that I’m owed, but it’s a private matter, nothing to do with my business.”


“It’s too early to go to court and I do have the business relationship with my client to consider”

I hear these statements almost every day, and my response does surprise some people…

When potential clients telephone Debt Solve to discuss collection opportunities many business owners and private individuals are unaware they can use our services without taking court action and in most cases retain their clients and personal relationships while we collect what’s due.

In today’s tough economic climate some businesses and individuals are delaying paying their bills as long as they can (and some are even using your money to fund their business or lifestyle!).

Now that the most common misconception about our service is put aside, here are some other common unknowns that may surprise you (in a nice way).

  • Using a reputable collection agency is a fast cost effective way to collect your money.
  • In some cases collection won’t cost you anything, see The Late Payment Act post on this blog.
  • Your customers will often pay up straight away, either in full or by instalments.
  • Using an agency is often the best route to take when you want to keep your customer or friendship alive as you are unlikely to achieve this if you pursue them yourself through the courts.
  • Agency costs are normally calculated as a percentage of money recovered.
  • Worst Case Scenario: Should we be unable to collect your debt we are able to arrange for our company lawyer to begin court action on your behalf at very competitive rates.

You will note, we said worse case scenario – this is because we can offer you many alternatives to court action.

We’re more than happy to discuss these with you, why not  get in touch now?

Our next blog post topic will be the 2nd in series of Debt Collection Tips and is on a very effective method of collecting a debt without involving the courts, you can subscribe here to ensure you don’t miss out.

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