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A “People Centred” Debt Collection Service

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Delivering a people centred debt collection service in today’s financial climate is more important than ever. Throughout my career in debt collection one thing has always remained constant, our desire or necessity to pay our bills.

Most of us are aware there are penalties for none payment and the severity of some penalties doesn’t always reflect the amount owed, but that’s a different story.

When a major event takes place in someone’s personal life or business there may be a reason to delay payment or sometimes people look for a reason not to pay.

Reasons are varied and individuals justify these in their own way, usually they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Loss of Job
  • Customers paying late = reduction in cash flow
  • Loss of major customer
  • Relationship breakdown / divorce / separation
  • Illness / accident
  • Bereavement

At Debt Solve our staff are firm but fair and are aware they walk a fine line when collecting monies owed (after all that’s what we are paid to do).

Respect is a key ingredient.

Whether collecting from an individual or business, Debt Solve employees’ must balance the ability of the individual or company to pay, the needs of our clients, comply with all regulations along with their employer’s necessity to make a profit.

…Not an easy task.

The moral of the story:

Respect cost’s nothing: Who said debt collection was easy?

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