A customer of many years stopped making payments, many promises were made and just as many broken. A lawyer was not an option as I was not prepared to ‘put them into funds’ without some sort of guarantee.

I decided to look for a UK based debt collector; I based my selection on the speed and type of response I received. The prompt response and sincerity of Debt Solve incited my decision to work with them. Mike explained the various options open to me and the probable response we might get from my customer. I did have to take a back seat, not easy when you are used to being the driving force in your company,

I let Debt Solve take over and Mike and my customer agreed how and when payment would be made, Debt Solve made them stick to their promise and I was kept well informed along the way.

Bottom line, Debt Solve is highly professional and through perseverance they obtain results; my company was paid what was due in a relatively short time.

Well done Mike and Linda, thank you very much.

Norbert Streep
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