Vet practices, as businesses, travel a fine line better caring deeply for our clients’ pets, and ensuring the practice remains financially viable.

As carers, which include most people who work at all levels in a veterinary setting, we have a real challenge asking for payment from pet owners who can be in a distressed state as the leave the clinic. This creates further challenges retrieving the outstanding payment. At Springfield Vets, there has been, over the years, quite a number of people who have left not paying, and then resisted any polite attempt to pay their outstanding invoice.

I am extremely grateful for the team at Debt Solve for their skills, determination, and resilience in retrieving monies that rightly belong to the vets, nurse vets, reception team, and business overall, for a job well done in treating our clients’ loved pets.

We fully understand the challenges, and what the team have to experience.

Our debt is now reducing thanks to the work of Debt Solve, and I would strongly recommend any similar business with a need for debt recovery to call the personable team at Debt Solve UK Ltd.

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